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Saving Space In Your Rack With a Pull-Out Monitor

Saving Space In Your Rack With a Pull-Out Monitor

The SEETEC SC173-HSD Pull-out Rack Mount Monitor is a high-quality display monitor designed specifically for use in professional broadcasting and recording environments. With its versatile mounting options and advanced features, this monitor is an ideal choice for anyone who needs a reliable, high-performance display for their audio and video work.

SEETEC SC173-HSD Pull out Monitor
Compact Size

One of the standout features of the SEETEC SC173-HSD monitor is its compact size. Measuring just 19 inches diagonally, this monitor is small enough to fit into tight spaces while still providing a clear, high-resolution display. This makes it ideal for use in rack-mounted equipment setups, where space is often at a premium. Despite its small size, the SEETEC SC173-HSD is a powerful display with some impressive features. For starters, it boasts a full HD 1080p resolution, which ensures that all your footage and audio is displayed with the highest level of clarity and detail possible. It also features a 178-degree viewing angle, which means that you can easily view the monitor from any angle without any loss of picture quality. This monitor can be used in a wide range of professional applications, from broadcast studios to video editing suites, and can be quickly reconfigured as needed.

SEETEC SC173-HSD Pull out Monitor
Space-saving Pull-out Design

The SEETEC SC173-HSD Pull-out Rack Mount Monitor is a state-of-the-art monitor designed for various professional applications, including broadcasting, video editing, and live production. One of its most notable features is the pull-out design that allows for convenient use in a rack-mount setup. The pull-out design of the SEETEC SC173-HSD monitor is a clever engineering solution that makes it easy to use in a rack-mounted environment. The monitor can be mounted on a rack, just like any other rack-mountable device. However, instead of being permanently fixed in place, the monitor can be pulled out from the rack when needed, and then pushed back in when not in use. The pull-out mechanism is smooth and effortless, thanks to the high-quality ball bearing slide rails used in the design. These rails ensure that the monitor slides in and out of the rack with ease, without any wobbling or jerking movements. A pull-out monitor can be easily serviced or replaced without having to remove other equipment from the rack, minimizing downtime and ensuring that workflows are not disrupted.

SEETEC SC173-HSD Pull out Monitor
Accessible Inputs and Outputs

Another advantage of the pull-out design is that it allows for easy access to the monitor's connections and controls. When the monitor is pulled out, all of the ports and buttons are easily accessible, making it simple to connect cables and adjust settings. This feature can be especially useful in situations where the monitor needs to be quickly adjusted or reconfigured. In addition to its pull-out design, the SEETEC SC173-HSD monitor boasts a range of other features that make it an excellent choice for professional applications. These include a high-resolution display, wide viewing angles, and support for a range of input signals. When the SC173-HSD needs to be used or adjusted, it can be pulled out of the rack and positioned at an optimal viewing angle. This provides easy access to the display and its controls, without the need to remove the entire monitor from the rack.

SEETEC SC173-HSD Pull out Monitor

Great Compatibility

The SEETEC SC173-HSD has excellent compatibility with other products and its wide range of input and output methods make it a truly versatile piece of equipment. It features 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI and YPbPr, as well as a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, ensuring its compatibility with a vast array of other professional pieces of equipment.

Overall, the pull-out design of the SEETEC SC173-HSD monitor is a great example of how thoughtful engineering can enhance the functionality of a product. With its smooth and easy-to-use mechanism, this monitor is sure to be a valuable tool for anyone working in a rack-mounted setup. At Feelworld UK Limited, we pride ourselves on being able to provide great tools for creators at a great price, all with fast UK shipping. Discover the rest of our range of Feelworld camera monitors here and SEETEC broadcast monitors here.

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