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How To Choose a Broadcast Monitor

How To Choose a Broadcast Monitor

Which broadcast monitor is right for you? 

As your projects grow in scale and get more complex, you may find yourself asking if you need a broadcast monitor. The truth is, broadcast monitors are an important and useful tool in professional video production. Broadcast monitors are used to show a larger and often sharper picture than you would find on a field monitor, which allows artists to verify the quality of their shots at a glance, ensuring their shots are in focus and looking great.

There are many types of broadcast monitors, and there are many variations in resolution and input method, as well as the suite of features each broadcast monitor offers.

What features do broadcast monitors offer?

Broadcast monitors offer a range of useful features, such as the ability to adjust the camera mode on the fly, viewing waveforms to analyse exposure levels and colours, and the ability to calibrate the colours of a shot through custom 3D LUTs. If these features appeal to you, you may want a broadcast monitor to improve your production.

The first question regarding choosing a broadcast monitor is this: What are you going to use it for?. Whether you live stream, shoot outdoors or need a more durable monitor as you frequently move between shooting locations, there are many offerings available to suit a variety of needs.


SEETEC ATEM156 15.6" IPS Broadcast Monitor

If you’re livestreaming, and need to be able to view 4 different feeds on the same monitor, each from a source of up to 4K resolution via HDMI, you would want to consider the SEETEC ATEM156, which features Rec.709 colour calibration from the factory, which looks great on its 15.6” IPS screen. IPS LCD technology offers excellent viewing angles and colour reproduction. The SEETEC ATEM156 takes full advantage of this and is viewable from up to 170 degrees horizontally and vertically. It also features a durable and light aluminium frame, ensuring maximum portability, build quality and durability.


SEETEC ATEM173S 17.3" IPS Broadcast Monitor

Need something bigger? The SEETEC ATEM173S may be what you’re looking for. It offers the same great features as the SEETEC ATEM156, but does them on an impressive 17.3” IPS, HDR capable panel with an awesome 178 degree viewing angle. What makes this broadcast monitor stand out is the inclusion of 4 3G-SDI ports on the rear of the device, making the SEETEC ATEM173S a powerful tool for television production. Also featured is the versatile VESA mounting option allowing the SEETEC ATEM173S to be fitted to a vast range of existing VESA mounting products such as monitor arms and stands.


SEETEC 4K156-9HSD 15.6" 4K IPS Broadcast Monitor

If you need to scrutinise up to 4 feeds with absolute clarity and precision, look no further than the SEETEC 4K156-9HSD. It has an incredible 15.6” UHD 4K screen for the ultimate director experience. For broadcasting, professional sports events, concerts, seminars and more, you can do them all on the SEETEC 4K156-9HSD’s awesome display. The SEETEC 4K monitor has excellent compatibility, is equipped with 3G-SDI and 4K HDMI ports and can display 4K images at a smooth 60fps via its HDMI2.0 port.


SEETEC SC173-HSD-56 17.3" IPS Rackmount Broadcast Monitor

Perhaps you want a broadcast monitor that can be conveniently tucked away to prevent damage to the monitor or just to free up space, or so it can be more easily transported. In this case, the SEETEC SC173-HSD-56 may be exactly what you need. It offers most of the useful professional features of the other monitors listed here, but is able to be packed away neatly into a single 1RU rack drawer for incredible space efficiency. Despite its compact and convenient storage solution, the SEETEC SC173-HSD-56 comes equipped with a large 17.3” IPS panel with a sharp 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution which is calibrated from the factory to the Rec.709 colour standard. It has versatile connectivity options, in either 3G-SDI or 4K HDMI, and contains many functions professionals find useful such as focus assist and image zooming.


SEETEC ATEM156-CO 15.6" IPS Carry-On Broadcast Monitor

Do you find yourself travelling to lots of different locations during your shoots? Do you need a broadcast monitor that can be used in harsh conditions? In this case, it is a good idea to get a carry-on monitor such as the SEETEC ATEM156-CO, which offers the same great features as the popular SEETEC ATEM156, such as a sharp 15.6” IPS panel and excellent Rec.709 colour calibration, except it is contained in a protective and travel-friendly aluminium hard case which makes it faster and easier than ever to transport, pack up and unpack the monitor while still adding protection from bumps and dents. These factors make carry-on broadcast monitors ideal for on-location shooting.

If you’re a videographer just starting out or you just need an upgrade to your camera’s viewfinder, you may find a field monitor is best for you. Feelworld UK offers great value camera monitors with an excellent array of useful features that are perfect for amateur and professional video producers alike, all with fast UK shipping. Furthermore, Feelworld Camera monitors are compatible with all the SEETEC broadcast monitors mentioned here, so the two families of products work excellently together to form the ultimate production setup.

Do any of these monitors catch your eye? Be sure to check out Feelworld UK’s website for new releases, blogs and more! Explore the rest of the Feelworld and SEETEC ranges to find the perfect monitor for you, no matter the use.


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