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What Does a Live Switching System Do?

What Does a Live Switching System Do?

If you’re a live streamer looking to upgrade your webcam to a professional mirrorless DSLR or just looking to be able to switch between different camera angles on the fly to produce more engaging content, you may be wondering how best to do it. If you’re a creator, a lot of the time spent in the editing room is spent switching between different feeds and importing multiple large video files. Once you have these files, even more time must be spent combing through the footage to stitch them together and syncing audio tracks. What if all this could be avoided? What if instead, your computer could receive only one video feed, which can be synced easily with your audio recordings, while still taking advantage of looking more professional and engaging through multiple camera angles? In this case, your best bet is a Live Switching System.


Feelworld LivePro L1 V1 Livestream Switcher

The first offering is the Feelworld LivePro L1 V1, which can take up to four HDMI inputs and display them on the handy 2-inch TFT screen in the middle of the device. This screen makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to mix and edit video streams in real-time, as it always makes an overview of all four of your inputs available. The feed that is currently being used will be surrounded by a helpful red box and those on standby surrounded by green.

Furthermore, the Feelworld LivePro L1  V1 features two output methods, whether by HDMI or USB. Many use the HDMI output to connect to capture software, and the USB interface to give them a larger view of the previewed footage on a separate device. For faster operation, you can simply press the numbered buttons on the front of the device to choose which feed you want to use, but you can also change the transition mode in the Switching Settings menu to TBAR, which allows you to select the feed you want to switch to which will become highlighted in yellow, before using the slider in the centre of the device to subtly crossfade to the desired feed.

This isn’t the only transition effect the Feelworld LivePro L1 V1 uses. The device comes with many which can be easily and intuitively selected via menus which look great on the built-in screen. This tool provides many ways to easily add professional-looking effects to your transitions, which can do wonders in improving the experience of users watching your stream.

Also featured on the Feelworld LivePro L1 V1 is the picture in picture mode, which lets you overlay feeds from your different connected sources, such as a face cam in the top corner, with a detailed focus on what you’re discussing as the main focus. This has many applications, such as one feed showing your presentation during a meeting or a computer game you’re live streaming, with a feed of you explaining in the top corner, all in real-time, without having to edit. The Feelworld LivePro L1 V1 also automatically syncs your audio with your HDMI signal, making it ideal for podcast applications and especially live streaming.

Following its latest firmware upgrade, the Feelworld LivePro L1 V1has now become an even more powerful tool. Users can now install the XPOSE software, which gives them access to even more tools and features.


Feelworld L2 Plus Touchscreen Livestream Switcher

Want an even more powerful tool to upgrade your streaming setup? The Feelworld L2 Plus Live Switcher may be just what you're looking for. This switcher comes equipped with all of the features of the Feelworld LivePro L1 V1 but comes with a stunning 5.5-inch touchscreen that lets you interact with your multiple feeds with ease. It notably also supports PTZ Pitch Tilt Zoom cameras which support the VISCA protocol, as well as a powerful integrated chromakey function making the Feelworld L2 Plus even more versatile than its predecessor. This switcher makes it easier than ever to create a professional quality virtual studio when combining the built-in chromakey and logo overlay functions. It also features remote operation via its built-in LAN connector. The Feelworld L2 Plus is also kept cool by its integrated fan.

Live stream switches are the fastest way to complete a finished program and make it easy to livestream to global audiences via YouTube and Twitch, as well as record and stream great presentations across conferencing apps such as Zoom or Skype.

Do any of these live stream video switchers take your fancy? At Feelworld UK Limited, we pride ourselves on being able to provide great tools for creators at a great price, all with fast UK shipping. Discover the rest of our range of live stream switchers here and other great Feelworld camera monitors and SEETEC broadcast monitors here.

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