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New Feelworld 2023 Product Catalogue!

New Feelworld 2023 Product Catalogue!

Here at Feelworld, we have an extensive range of camera monitors and SEETEC broadcast monitors to suit any video production environment. Whether you need an ultrabright monitor for outdoor filming or a colour-accurate ultra-high resolution monitor for post-production, there is a myriad of options. Because of this, we often get asked for guidance about which monitor would best suit certain situations or use cases. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the release of our new 2023 Feelworld Catalogue!

Each page of the new catalogue features detailed breakdowns of the specifications of our monitors and gives you a comprehensive rundown of the features of each of the Feelworld and SEETEC products we stock, so you can make the right decision when choosing your new monitor.

2023 Product Previews

The first section of our new brochure gives you a sneak preview of what we’re working on to show you what new releases you can expect in the future, such as the D73 3RU Rackmount monitor, and the MAX7 Streaming System. We're so excited to be able to give customers a look into what we’re working on.

Feelworld Camera Monitor
General Purpose Camera Monitors

Next is where you can find a complete breakdown of our range of standard camera monitors, with detailed specifications of each one as well as an explanation of the extensive suite of professional features you can expect in your monitor. Here you can find camera monitors that are excellent for general use, and offer the best value for money.

Feelworld Ultrabright Camera Monitor

Ultra Bright Outdoor Camera Monitors

For outdoor filming, the brightness of sunlight becomes a major problem if you don’t have the right monitor for the job. Sunshades can be used to remedy the situation, but these add bulk and weight to your camera rig and restrict the angles from which you can see the monitor as well as the mounting options available to you. With this in mind, the best place to look would be our section about Ultrabright Monitors. Here you can find our options with the highest peak brightness, with options such as the LUT5 reaching up to 3000nits! All the monitors in this range are designed to be used in direct sunlight without a camera hood to make sure you can get the shots you need as easily as possible, all with excellent colour accuracy.

Feelworld Wireless Video Transmission

Wireless Video Transmission

The next section is devoted to our options for wireless video transmission, which are designed to allow maximum mobility on set. Here you’ll find options such as the FT6 FR6, which have been engineered to allow the director to monitor the footage wirelessly, with maximum portability. The other monitors here are designed for compatibility with the W1000S wireless transmitter with minimal footprint due to the direct mounting bracket on the rear of the monitors. Here you can mount a wide range of camera accessories such as LED lights directly to the monitor itself.

Feelworld Livestreaming Mixer Switcher Equipment

Live Streaming Equipment

If you need high-quality equipment for live streaming, the next section explains the features and specifications of our range of livestream mixers, such as the LivePro L1 V1 and L2 Plus. These allow you to offer multiple camera angles and switch between them on the fly, which makes for more engaging content. Picture-in-picture modes allow you to set up face cams easily, and set up with your computer is easy thanks to the fact it appears as a standard webcam, making these products compatible with the vast majority of social media and livestreaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Also available here is a breakdown of our popular teleprompting options such as the TP2 and TP2A, which allow you to address the camera with confidence and speed up your production workflow by not having to spend time learning a script.

SEETEC Broadcast Monitor

SEETEC Broadcast Monitors

The next section of the brochure is devoted to the SEETEC range of professional broadcast monitors, which offer excellent colour accuracy and features, as well as some carry-on options such as the P173-9HSD-CO which are designed to be easier to transport to location shoots. SEETEC monitors offer great build quality, with full aluminium cases which offer better durability and thermal performance, and are designed for maximum reliability and stability for endurance shooting. Their larger screen sizes make them ideal for monitoring multiple feeds at the same time during live broadcasting, as well as for directing and reviewing footage during post-production. Most of the SEETEC range comes equipped with convenient tally lights to let the crew know when the feed is live or filming is taking place, and colours look great due to the high contrast ratios and wide viewing angles presented by the SEETEC monitors’ IPS panels.

We love being able to help our customers make the right decision when choosing a monitor. We also love hearing about how our products are used and what creatives are doing with them. If you have any questions about any of the products in the Feelworld and SEETEC lineup, feel free to send us an email at or use our live chat so we can help you make the right choice when choosing your monitor.

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