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Which Ultrabright Monitor Is Right For You?

Which Ultrabright Monitor Is Right For You?

When filming high-quality professional productions, locations can make or break the viewers' immersion. Bluescreen sets, while extremely versatile, need fine-tuning to make sure your subject doesn’t look out of place. It is always better to shoot on location, where actors can interact with and inhabit their environment. Shooting on location also saves money in many cases, as there is no need for expensive and time-consuming visual effects editing. However, one problem videographers often face is the prospect of having equipment that is unsuitable for on-location filming. Often, their monitor simply isn’t visible in locations where sunlight is harsh, meaning they either have to use an obstructive sunshade that increases the footprint of their camera rig or use guesswork to try and get great shots, which runs the risk that the footage is unusable and has to be recaptured. Many DSLR camera viewfinder screens are simply not bright enough for many modern applications.

This is where ultrabright monitors come in. With enough screen brightness, even direct sunlight will stop being a problem, meaning you can get the great shots you need with minimal extra equipment and obstruction. Having decided that an ultrabright monitor is right for you, it can be difficult to choose between the myriad of options available. In this article, we’ll explore the options available at Feelworld UK to help you find your new ultrabright monitor that will make sure sunny conditions don’t disrupt your workflow.


If you need the most compact setup available, look no further than the Feelworld LUT5 Ultrabright field monitor. It comes with an exceptionally bright 3000nit screen in a compact 5.5-inch form factor which can accept feeds of up to 4K 30Hz on its 1080p IPS display. We love the 368PPI resolution that offers a truly crisp and sharp monitoring experience, and we especially like the mounting options that let you attach the monitor to even small cameras to take advantage of its small size. You can be sure that the LUT5 is suitable for accurately monitoring colours due to its factory calibration to the Rec.709 standard, as well as the capability of uploading custom 3D LUTs as .cube files. Its excellent touch screen as well as physical controls make it extremely easy and intuitive to operate, making it easier than ever to access the great professional suite of features professionals have come to expect in the Feelworld range. It even comes with an intelligently designed cooling solution that helps improve stability in hot, sunny environments.

FW279 Ultrabright Camera Monitor

Feelworld FW279 & FW279S

One monitor professionals love is the FW279. It is extremely lightweight at just 340g, allowing it to be easily mounted to a gimbal or camera with minimal weight gain. The brightness is an excellent 2200nits, making it ideal for use in outdoor conditions where direct sunlight would normally be an issue affecting production. It supports up to 4K 30fps over its HDMI inputs and outputs, and can display this footage with excellent Rec.709 colour accuracy on its 7-inch 1920x1200 IPS screen. It has a great contrast ratio of 1200:1. It features the same great features as users have come to expect with Feelworld camera monitors, such as histograms, peaking filter, false colour, exposure adjustment and embedded audio, all at a great price, and all looking excellent on its ultrabright screen. Also available is the FW279S, which offers the same professional features, with the addition of a loop out capable 3G-SDI port setup for broadcasting.

LUT6S Camera Monitor
Feelworld LUT6 & LUT6S

Need something slightly larger? The LUT6 may be the best option for you. It offers the same great features as the LUT5, but with a larger screen and a brightness of 2600nits. The LUT6 comes as standard with a 4K HDMI loop out, allowing it to connect to other HDMI monitors such as those from SEETEC so other crew members can enjoy the great shots this monitor helps you capture. For those who need the monitor for TV production, another option is the Feelworld LUT6S, which offers the same great features, but comes with 3G SDI loop outs as well as 4K HDMI ports so you can use the more secure and higher bitrate video protocols for ultimate reliability and compatibility. Users have said the larger screen size allows them to better ascertain the accuracy of their focus, and love the ability to quickly activate histograms and scopes to analyse their footage as they get it.

LUT7S Feelworld Camera Monitor
Feelworld LUT7 & LUT7S

With an amazing 7-inch IPS panel with an excellent brightness of 2200nits, the LUT7 is ideal when attached to a large camera, and forms a perfect companion for portable filming in an environment with strong ambient light. Even without a sunshade, users can rest assured that they’re getting excellent reproduction of their footage due to the excellent colour accuracy and wide viewing angles of the IPS screen. The larger touchscreen makes it exceptionally easy to access the suite of professional tools at the user’s disposal and makes the useful built-in histograms and image analysis tools even easier to use and view. Also available is the LUT7S Feelworld camera monitor, which features 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, and the LUT7S PRO which features the same professional features, with the addition of a versatile mounting bracket built into the monitor which allows users to attach external accessories such as LED lights and wireless transmitters directly to the monitor as opposed to the rig to save space, and improve production efficiency.

Feelworld LUT11S
Feelworld LUT11S

Do you need an ultrabright designed for multiple viewers or a compact director’s monitor? In these cases, we’d recommend the LUT11S Feelworld camera monitor for the ultimate ultrabright monitoring experience. With its enormous 10.1-inch touchscreen with excellent 2000-nit peak brightness, the LUT11S is ideal for crew field shooting, monitoring, and post-production. It features a 1920x1200 display which supports multiple colour gamuts, including DCIP3. Furthermore, you can recreate consistent colours due to the facility to upload up to 50 custom 3D LUTs. Its dual battery plate design allows users to install up to two F970 batteries at the same time for endurance filming even outdoors. This Feelworld Camera monitor is made special by its ability to accept and loop out up to 4K 60fps footage, making this monitor a truly future-proof option. If you don’t want to compromise in getting the most out of the Feelworld LUT range, this is the monitor for you.

Do any of these ultra-bright field monitors take your fancy? At Feelworld UK Limited, we pride ourselves on being able to provide great tools for creators at a great price, all with fast UK shipping. Discover the rest of our range of ultra-bright monitors here, and other great Feelworld camera monitors and SEETEC broadcast monitors here.

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